Exhibition History

University of California at Los Angeles: Bachelor Fine ARTS Degree

Long Beach City College: Associate Arts Degree



William Brice

Ron Pekar

Manfred Mueller

Gere Kavanaugh


Permanent Museum Collections:

Huntington Library Archive, “Intimate View of LA”, San Marino,  CA

South Bay Contemporary Museum, Torrance, CA


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2014    eMe Gallery, Mexico City,  MX

2013    “The Myths”,  Neuchatel, Switzerland

2013    GALARTIS, Lausanne,  Switzerland

2012    Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2011     International Creative Management, Century City, CA

2007   Studio 4056, Los Angeles, CA

1999    Susan Street Gallery, Del Mar, CA

1998    Art Group, Las Vegas, NV

1990    Richard Iri Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1988    White Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1986    Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

           Harleen and Allen Gallery, San Francisco, CA

           El Baz Gallery, New York, NY

1985    Editions Limited, Indianapolis, IN

          Shoshana Wayne Gallery, NYC, NY

1983    Editions Limited West, San Francisco, CA

          Los Angeles City Hall Bridge Gallery, “Street Scene”, Los Angeles, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2018   Mexican Consulate, "Nymphs", Paris, France

2015   Otis College of ART and DESIGN, Book Structures, Rebecca Chamlee curator, Los Angeles,  CA

2014   Santa Monica Museum of Art, “Face to Face”, Santa Monica,  CA

2010   Autumn Lights Festival, Pershing Square, Los Angeles, CA

         “Artists for Haiti” Track 16, Bergamot Station, CA

          MOPLA, “Intimate View of So. Calif., SC_2009, Photography

          FADA LA Art Show, Los Angeles, Photography

2009  MOPLA, “Intimate View of LA”  GroupLA 2008,  Santa Monica, CA

2008  Gallery skART, “Group Start”, Santa Monica, CA

          The Art Gallery, San Diego, CA

          Art for the City, Mexico City, Mexico

1999   Chase Foundation Silent Auction, Los Angeles, CA

1997   Art Group, Las Vegas, NV

          Fresh Paint, Los Angeles, CA

1996   Art Expressions Gallery, San Diego, CA

          Susan Street Gallery, Del Mar, CA

1995   Nevada Institute of Contemporary Art, Las Vegas, NV

1994   Picasso Gallery, “Miniatures” Santa Monica, CA

          LA Art Festival, Los Angeles, CA

1994   Chrysalis, Los Angeles, CA

1992   Joanne Chapell Gallery, San Francisco, Ca

1991    BSHA, AIA, “Annex Gallery”, San Diego, CA

1990  Gensler and Associates, Los Angeles, CA

         South Bay Contemporary, “Soul To Earth”,  Torrance, CA

1989   Richard Iri Gallery, Works on Wood, Los Angeles, CA

1987   Richard Iri Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1985    Judith Posner Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

          Thomas Babeor Gallery, La Jolla, CA

1984   Halo Gallery, Boston, MA

         Gensler and Asso., Los Angeles, CA

1983   ShoshanaWayne Gallery, Paper Phenomena,  Los Angeles, CA

          Judith Posner Gallery, Milwaukee WI

1982  Carolyn Watson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

         Swope Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



2018    Otis College of ART and DESIGN

          Alumni Access Grant, Silkscreen printing, Spring 2018

2017    Otis College of ART and DESIGN

          Alumni Access Grant, Silkscreen printing, Spring 2017

           Alumni Access Grant, Letterpress printing, Summer 2017



2017   SteelCase, Large Image Installation, Munich, Germany

2017   International Print Museum Fair, Torrance, CA

2012   Fowler Museum, UCLA, CA

          Production Designer, “On Becoming Persian” by Shelley Gazin

          Carnegie Mellon University, PA

          Technical Director, “from Birthday Cakes to Corporations”, by Gere Kavanaugh

2010   Editor in Chief, “Intimate View of Southern California”, director Helen K. Garber

2009  Editor in Chief, “Intimate View of Los Angeles”, director Helen K. Garber


Published Work:

2012   “Nymphas Dissolutio”, The Bride Revisited

          Mercedes Gertz/ Nancy Louise Jones  

2010   Billy IDOL, photography ad campaign, LA, CA

          “Narcissus Court”@Venice 90291 Venice, CA

2009  “BLUE”, acrylics and photography, Venice, CA

          “Watercolor Games”, Venice, CA

2008   Billy Idol Website,  Cyberpunk Inc, New York, NY

2007   Azure Magazine, “ A Studio Home in L.A.”, Canada

2006   Los Angeles Times, “Artist’s Studio in Los Angeles”, CA


Public Commission Sculptures:

2013   Camp Pendleton, Camp Pendleton, CA

1990   Judy Seger and Roy Bagdasarian, Playa Del Rey, CA

1988   Escondido City Park, Escondido, CA

1989   Sinclair House, Pacific Palisades, CA


Selected Public and Private Collections:

Andre Agassi Corp., Las Vegas, NV

Arthur Young and Associates, New York, NY

Bear Stearns, Century City, CA

Welton Beckett, A. I. A., Santa Monica, CA

William Broad, Hollywood, CA,

Camp Pendleton Project, CA

Chris Carter, Studio13, Santa Monica, CA

Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Los Angeles, CA

Columbia Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Delorean Inc., Atlanta, GA

Doebbler Development Company, San Antonio, TX

Drexel Burnham Lambert, Beverly Hills, CA

Eagle Air Terminal, Las Vegas, NV

Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Indianapolis, IN.

Edwards Life Sciences, Irvine, CA

Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Goodson-Toddman Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore

Johannes Van Tilberg, A.I.A., Los Angeles, CA

Johnny Carson Collection, Los Angeles,  CA

Robert and Julie Koblin, Los Angeles,  CA

Kinetsu Inc., Osaka, Japan,

KROQ, Pasadena, CA. Levi Strauss, San Francisco, CA

MinARC Architecture, Santa Monica, CA

NBC Studios, Burbank, CA

Nordstrom, Los Angeles, CA

Payden Rygel Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Hans Rockenwagner, Los Angeles, CA

Robert Tonkin, Venice, CA

Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples, FL

San Antonio Airport, San Antonio, TX

Saxon, Alt., Dean, Mason, Brewer, Kincannon, Orange, CA

Shepard, Mullin, Ricter, Hampton, Newport Beach, CA

Sinclair Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Sitmar Corp., France

Tracy G. Golden, Westwood, CA  

Tobu Hotel, Utsunomiya, Japan

Tom Spiegel, Beverly Hills, CA,

Tri-Star Film Corp., Century City, CA

US Air, San Francisco, CA

Woodcrest Country Club, Cherry Hill, NJ

Zuckerman Honickman, King of Prussia, PA